Fame? A little. I thank my beta readers in the author's note at the end of my books.

Because the most important thing an author can have are early readers who can tell them what works, what doesn't, and whether a project is on track. A book also needs early reviews to be posted on launch day. An enthusiastic street team can help with making a new author's efforts a success!

Commitment makes me feel faint. Me too. There's no obligation. It's a big ask to spend time giving feedback. Any effort on your part helps me a great deal, and you can quit at any time.

Street Team


What's in in for you?

Why a Street team ?

Swag? Loot? Freebies? Sometimes! Unfortunately it's not a paying gig. Book sellers actively pull paid reviews. But I do intend to have some freebies and sample stories only available to members of my team.

Interested in helping with future beta reads of my upcoming books? Are you able to provide feedback and leave reviews?

I'd love for you to join my street team!

Sign up for my newsletter or street team below. If you have a moment, please tell me a little bit about yourself! What do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors? What makes you throw a book down in disgust?