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"Light hearted silly sci-fi fun."

"Light hearted silly sci-fi fun. Sometimes I enjoy hard sci-fi, sometimes I just want something light and enjoyable. This fit the latter bill perfectly."

A review from Beginner's Guide to Invading Earth.

"Entertaining and fun read".

"Fun and fast paced read; kept me entertained and wanting more. Jeff, the anti hero, makes all the travels and antics plausible. Well fleshed characters combined with a great storyline. Looking forward to more from this first time author."

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the read, and hope a sequel is in the works."


"A Beginners Guide to Invading earth is a whole lot of fun. You won't find a Phillip K. Dick-style plausibly scary dystopia, you won't find a Heinlein-esque flensing examination of the human condition, but you will find a fun ride and a snappy narrative.

With hints of Adams' Hitchhikers Guide and Scalzi's Agent to the Stars, A Beginners Guide spins a tale of a contemporary what-if first contact with advanced alien intelligence. The author uses clever wordplay and dry wit to poke gentle fun at some of our own tendencies and prejudices, but never gets heavy-handed and never does so at the expense of the story. California residents and aspirants will appreciate the settings of the earth scenes set in the Author's state of residence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read, and hope a sequel is in the works."